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校友校董候選人 : 鄭永健博士 (1994/7A)

第五屆校友校董選舉提名期經已結束,選舉管理委員會在提名期內收到一份有效提名。 經核實資料後,本會確認鄭永健博士 (1994/7A) 為今屆選舉的候選人。 請各位校友踴躍出席九月三十日(周五)傍晚18:45-20:00舉行之選舉論壇,與候選人面對面直接交流,並在投票日投票! The Electoral Affairs Committee received one valid nomination form for the 5th IMC Alumni Manager Election during the nomination period. Dr. Cheng Wing Kin, Ken (1994/7A) was confirmed to be the candidate of the election. Alumni are encouraged to attend the election forum on 30/9/2016 (Fri) 18:45-20:00 and to vote [...]