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Happy New Year 2016!




除官網外,Facebook專頁將作為舊生會主要的聯絡平台,我們將以「香港中國婦女會中學舊生會 Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College Alumni Association」名義於專頁上,向各位校友發佈最新的消息及宣傳。請各位校友留意:只有經由以上帳戶發出的訊息,方代表本會之內容及立場。


會長 高康富

Dear Alumni,

On behalf of the new committee (2016-2017) of HKCWCCAA, I would like to cordially deliver our sincere greetings to all of our alumni. Happy new year, and wish you all great health and wealth in 2016.

In the coming years, AA will keep cooperating closely with our alma mater for activities and functions. Your support will be crucial. Facebook is one of the main ways to reach you. All our announcements and promotions will be made using the name “香港中國婦女會中學舊生會 Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College Alumni Association”. Any posts from a name other than that will not represent the announcements or the views from HKCWCCAA.

Let us look forward to all upcoming warm reunions and gatherings.

Warm regards,
Milton Ko

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