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2018 校友校董選舉候選人號碼及選舉論壇片段

2018 校友校董選舉候選人號碼已於九月一日晚上選舉論壇開首抽出,依次如下:

一號:温倩蓓 (1988/5B)
二號:袁阡佑 (1983/5A)
三號:余用林 (2006/7S)


The 2018 IMC Election candidate numbers had been drawn during the Election Forum dated 1/9/2018 and were listed as follows:

1. Lydia Wan (1988/5B)
2. Laurence Yuen (1983/5A)
3. Jacky Yu (2006/7S)

The video recording of the Election Forum had been uploaded onto

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