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2020 校友校董選舉:候選人介紹及選舉論壇安排

一號:陳雪蓮 (1995/5B)
二號:楊思毅 (2012/6B)

2020 校友校董1 號候選人_陳雪蓮_Halen Chen
2020 校友校董2 號候選人_楊思毅_Raymond Yang

因應本地疫情最新發展,本會與母校保持緊密聯繫,適時公布選舉論壇 (10月24日) 和投票日 (10月31日) 的最新安排,敬請留意。

The IMC Election Forum 2020 would be held on 24th October, 2020 at 15:00. The arrangements of the Election Forum and Polling Day would be announced in due course based on the latest COVID-19 situation. Candidate information could be accessed via the above hyperlinks, thank you for your kind attention!

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