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第八屆校友校董選舉 (重選) 提名期經已結束,舊生會選舉管理委員會在提名期內收到一份提名。經核實資料後,本會確認以下一位校友為今屆選舉的候選人:

黃旭熙 (1996/7A)

候選人資料、政綱和網上選舉論壇詳情將會稍後公布。請各位校友踴躍在二月十八日(周六)投票日 10:00-16:30 回校投票!

The HKCWCCAA Electoral Affairs Committee received one nomination for the 8th IMC Alumni Manager Election (Re-run) during the nomination period. He was confirmed to be the candidate of the Election:

WONG Yuk Hay Andrew (1996/7A)

Candidate information and details of the online election forum would be uploaded in due course. Alumni are encouraged to vote on the polling day (18 Feb 2023), thank you for your attention!

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