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舊生會2018-19 年度幹事會候選內閣名單

舊生會 2018-19 年度幹事會內閣選舉報名已於2017年12月1日截止。本會收到一個候選內閣的報名,該內閣之成員如下:

候選主席: 張勁 (1991/7A)
候選外務副主席: 余用林 (2006/7S)
候選內務副主席: 王潤翹 (2002/5A)
候選財政: 袁阡佑 (1983/5A)
候選文書: 梁樂行 (2005/6S)
候選幹事: 林暖祺 (1990/5B)、黎東安 (1994/7S)、張振海 (2007/7S)、梁浩邦 (2007/7S)、洪易婷 (2010/7A)、鍾安平 (2011/7S)、黎靜琪 (2014/6B)、蔡沅彤 (2014/6D)

舊生會訂於2017年12月16日 (星期六) 下午 13:30 舉行會員大會, 與會者將會對候選內閣作出表決, 請各位校友踴躍參與!

黃旭熙 (1996/7A)
香港中國婦女會中學舊生會 2018-19 幹事會選舉主任

The HKCWCCAA received one application of the Executive Committee (EC) cabinet 2018-19 by the closing of application on 1/12/2017:

Proposed Chairman: James Cheung (1991/7A)
Proposed External Vice Chairman: Jacky Yu (2006/7S)
Proposed Internal Vice Chairman: Jackie Wong (2002/5A)
Proposed Hon. Treasurer: Laurence Yuen (1983/5A)
Proposed Hon, Secretary: Will Leung (2005/6S)
Proposed EC Members: Terence Lam (1990/5B), Anthony Lai (1994/7S), Alan Cheung (2007/7S), Edward Leung (2007/7S), Vickki Hung (2010/7A), Anson Chung (2011/7S), Ching Ki Lai (2014/6B), Kristel Chua (2014/6D)

The General Meeting of HKCWCCAA would be held on 16/12/2017 (Sat) 13:30 followed by a vote of confidence. Alumni are encouraged to take part in the General Meeting. Thanks for supporting HKCWCCAA!

Andrew Wong (1996/7A)
Election Officer, HKCWCCAA EC 2018-19

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